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Planetary Cake Mixers Details

Manufacturer & Supplier of a wide range of products which include cake mixers such as Planetary Cake Mixer, Imported 5 Liter Mixer, Imported Gear Type Planetary Mixer 10 Litter Capacity, Imported Gear Type Planetary Mixer 20 Ltr Capacity, Imported Gear Type Planetary Mixer 30 Ltr Capacity, Imported Planetary Mixer 40 Litter Capacity and many more items.

We are one of the premier names in the industry that offers our clients with a comprehensive range of Planetary Cake Mixers. These are manufactured using quality raw materials and offer our clients with high rate of production at a lowest cost.

  • Capacity: 10, 25, & 40 kgs
  • Material: Made out of SS
  • Quality: Non-Breakable Bowl
  • Warranty: 1 year


SM Kitchen Equipments offer world class commercial kitchen products, that are mainly aimed increase the customer production and quality of the output. Also we service all across india with limited time period and as customer needs. We welcome here for high quality product sales.

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