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GAS Cooking Ranges

Top made out of stainless steel with griddle plate made out of MS and sides covered with SS with oven. Interiors made out of MS, doubled walled, glass wool insulated, fitted with good quality burners, mounted on SS legs.

Suitable for bulk cooking, frying etc., quality burner & heavy cast iron grating. These cutters are widely used in hotels, restaurants, canteens, mess and many more.

  • single burner: 24x24x24x32'ht
  • Two burner: 48x23x24x32'ht
  • Three burner: 72x24x24x32'ht
  • Four burner: 96x24x24x32'ht


SM Kitchen Equipments offer world class commercial kitchen products, that are mainly aimed increase the customer production and quality of the output. Also we service all across india with limited time period and as customer needs. We welcome here for high quality product sales.

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