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SM Kitchen Equipments

Home of commercial kitchen
Equipments manufacturing
and supplies

High quality equipments
at very low price
for customers

Group of professionals working
to achieve client satisfaction

Chennai based company
for commercial kitchen
needs and service

Manufacturer for hotels, restaurants,
hospital, institutions, industry
and companies

SM Kitchen Equipments Private Limited

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as specialized manufacturers and suppliers of Modern and Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Resort kitchen, Industrial kitchen, Hospital kitchen, Institutions kitchen and complete range of kitchen refrigeration equipment.

Custom Made

The firm's diligent approach offers clients comprehensive cost effective and secure kitchen solutions to their most challenging situations for diversified products...

Cutting-Edge Design

We work with our clients to find solutions to their specific kitchen needs and we understand the importance and benefit of cultivating relationships, accessing, and incorporating cutting edge technology...

Elite Raw Materials

We provide top-class Industrial Kitchen Equipment and Industrial Canteen Equipments are made from highly refined raw materials and are supplied in innovative design finished furnishings...

Our Products

Preparation Equipments

Commercial Kitchen preparation equipments used in hotels, Restraurants, schools and industries.

Service Equipments

Service equipments mainly consists of bain marie, pick up counter display counter and sterilizers.

Washing Equipments

Washing equipments mainly consists of muti type dish washer, pot wash, sink unit and ss made hand dryers.

Gas Cooking Equipments

Gas cooking equipments mainly consists of burner ranges, tandoor and chicken grillers.

Our Clients