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Kitchen SS work table Details

Top made out of heavy gauge stainless steel with optional splash guard with or without under shell and optional drawers Also available with SS under shelves and custom built.

Due to the increasing demands of our esteemed clients, we are involved in dealing an exquisite range of SS Work Table. The table is firm and stable in order to bear heavy load at ease. Different kinds of kitchen works can be done easily on this table. In addition to this, SS Work Table is scratch-free and smooth from surface.

  • Size: 72x234x34, 92x24x34
  • Mount: Cantilever, floor mount
  • Quality: High quality
  • Model: 2014


SM Kitchen Equipments offer world class commercial kitchen products, that are mainly aimed increase the customer production and quality of the output. Also we service all across india with limited time period and as customer needs. We welcome here for high quality product sales.

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