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Gas/Electrical Dosa/Chapati Machine With Puffer

We produce high quality Chapati/dosa Plate with Puffer that have gas heated heavy mild steel plate. These burners are available with top with ribbon gas burner underneath for dosa, paratha, burger, tikka, chapati plate.

Suitable designed for making dosa with thick MS plate, sides covered with SS, mounted on SSlegs, with nylon adjustable bullet legs. Gas electric & custom built. also available with puffer of size 2x2x

  • Power: gas/electric
  • Scale: 450mm to 2100mm
  • Size: 6X2 5X2 4X2 3X2
  • Warranty: 1 year


SM Kitchen Equipments offer world class commercial kitchen products, that are mainly aimed increase the customer production and quality of the output. Also we service all across india with limited time period and as customer needs. We welcome here for high quality product sales.

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